Hooky at Center Hill

I had an interesting time today.  And it all started when I was simply trying to go to work, of all things.  I mean, how irresponsible of me.  I’m a terrible person. So, I get to the turn off for the highway that the shop is on, and there is a police officer blocking the road.  He tells me that the road is blocked all the way from the four lane to the county line.  Well, the shop I work at is a good mile before the county line, so I ask, and he said to try the back way Continue reading

Inequality vs. Equality

Throughout the history of humankind, there has been inequality in every aspect of life and society.  There has been much debate about how to end or lessen inequality.  However, seldom has an argument been made for the benefits of inequality.  In order to completely abolish inequality, every person in society would have to be treated on an equal level.  Every individual would have to have equal consideration in politics, regardless of wealth or connections.  Every individual would have to have an equal share of wealth and authority.  Every individual would have to be treated equal to every other individual by Continue reading

A True Democracy in the Age of the Internet

It seems that everybody has a different idea of what the word Democracy means.  A search of the Internet yields a wide field of views on this subject.  Nearly every governmental system on the planet can fit within somebody’s definition of a Democracy.  The definition of a True Democracy can be even harder to nail down.  Every link followed leads to a different idea of what a True Democracy is.  For the purposes of this essay, the term True Democracy refers to a system of governance in which every citizen has equal voice in all of the decisions of the Continue reading

An Historical Interpretation of the Second Amendment

The debate over gun control versus the right to keep and bear arms is old, and has been a source of controversy and heated debate for a large portion of the United State’s history.  The gun control advocates interpret the second amendment to attribute the right of “the people” to bear arms to a “well regulated militia.”  The “right to arms” advocates interpret  the second amendment to attribute the right of “the people” to bear arms to each individual.  Only one of the two groups can be correct, and the interpretation of it tends to hinge on whether one exams Continue reading

Buried in School Work

While I was on the inside, I didn’t have too much trouble keeping up with the homework of two classes. But, now I have a full time job I have to do first. I find that the homework is harder to get to. And this is only with two classes. I can’t imagine how I would try to keep up with five classes. Not with a job too. So, my hat’s off to those that do juggle a full time job and a full load of classes. I don’t think I could do it. And that means I’ll be going Continue reading

I am Back

Warn the world.  I am back, and happy to be.  It took me a little while to get this website back under my control, and it feels good.  It is pretty late, so I am just putting this here to replace the default WordPress first post. I will write something more in the next day or two.  Please be patient with me.  Until then, stay safe, and I’ll write soon.