40000 Mile Marker

Some time ago, July 8th 2015 to be exact, I wrote a little piece about my motorcycle hitting 30,000 miles.  You can read about that here.  Well, to continue in that tradition, it just hit 40,000 miles today.  So I captured a short video of the odometer rolling over.


As with the 30,000 mile marker video, most people will not care that I put another 10,000 miles on my motorcycle.  Even still, you can view the video on YouTube here.

Last time I used a very dangerous method of recording the video.  I rode slowly up a narrow side street in the middle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee one handed while holding the phone to record the video with the other, all while trying not to run over pedestrians, pets, small children or squirrels.  It was precarious and a miracle that I did not harm myself or anyone else.  This time, I employed a much safer method to capture the video.  With much attention paid to safety, I slowly rode the bike up the carefully controlled environment of a four-lane highway’a shoulder, one handed, while cars passed at interstate speeds all while carefully holding the phone with the other hand to record this video.  Kids, do not attempt this at home.  I am a trained professional, I think.