Male or Female, Man or Woman

CAUTION: The following text is politically incorrect.  I wrote it with the intent to piss off liberals and the politically correct.  If you find this offensive, good.  I accomplished my goal.  Please comment.  I would love to start up a wall of shame.

Several years ago I attended a college class on Sociology.  It was interesting and quite strange.  While I enjoyed the class, there were a few topics we discussed that I strongly opposed.  The one that I will focus on here has to do with Gender Identity and or Gender Traits.

The professor stated that the terms male and female were not the same as the terms man and woman.  The belief being that male is not synonymous with man or boy, and female is not synonymous with woman or girl.  She lectured that it is also possible to be a male woman, a male girl, a female man or even a female boy.  The terms male and female only apply to the physical parts of the body, that being man, woman, girl or boy is an identity independent of the body’s sex.  I hope that I have described her views fairly, so now I will get on with my rebuttal.

That view, being taught in schools all across the country, is the foundation for the entire transgender rights agenda.  What was once considered strange, or freakish, or just plain weird, is now being applauded.  It seems that the media and academia are falling all over themselves to remake the transgender into a normal and socially acceptable reality, no different than choosing a style of clothing.  Were you born male but wish you were a woman?  No problem choose a feminine name, put on a dress, call yourself a woman, and everyone is expected to go along with it because it would be wrong to hurt your feelings.  Were you born female but wish you were a man?  Same thing, nobody can say anything, because that would be hurtful.  Well, I reject that for what it is.  Bullshit.

If a person is born with a penis, that person is male.  That person is a boy.  That person will grow up to be a man.  If that person decides he wants to be a girl/woman, that’s fine.  He is totally free to identify any way he chooses.  That is none of my business.  The same goes for a female (girl/woman) who wants to be a man.  They can identify any way they choose.  It’s none of my business.  However, there is something that is my business, the terms of which I choose to describe these people.  I believe in free speech.  I am free to use the words I choose to describe these people.

So, what words will I use to describe a person born with a penis, no matter how they identify?  I will always use the male-specific pronouns for that person.  If this person chooses to put on a dress and change their name to a feminine one, that’s fine, but that person is still a male, a boy, and or a man.  It does not matter if this person gets a complete sex change operation in which the penis is replaced with a vagina.  That person was born male, so they will always be a man.  They will just be a man without a schlong.  You cannot change that.  Calling that person a woman, girl, or she is lying.  They are free to lie to themselves and the world all they like.  But I will not.  I will NOT participate in that lie.

And the same goes for any person born female that gets a penis sewn on.  That person is a woman with a schlong.  Calling her a man is a lie.  Even using the pronoun he is a lie, and I will not do it.  Kaitlyn Jenner is not a woman.  He is a man whose name is Bruce, will always be a man, and nothing will ever change that.  He may get his penis cut off, but that will not make him a woman.  He is an outlier.  He is not normal.  He represents a small percentage of the already minority group that is the LGBTQ community.  If anyone wants to call him a woman, that is their right.  If anyone wants to reference him with she, or her, that is their right.  If Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner wants to call himself a woman, he can.  But exercising my freedom of speech is my right, so I will not.  I will always refer to him as a man, because that is what he is.

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