If you think about it, T.G.I.F., or Thank God it’s Friday, is a depressing phrase.  It means that you dislike your occupation enough to cause celebration that the work week has finally come to an end.  Personally, I do not want to be in a position where I dread the start of a work week and celebrate the short respite the weekend offers.  That is a dreary existence and one that I want to avoid if at all possible.

Imagine this.  You have a job that is so enjoyable, so fulfilling, that you look forward to going to work on Monday morning.  You are excited by the prospects of being able to accomplish something.  Then Monday takes on a whole new meaning.  It is just the beginning of something you are looking forward to.  That sounds like a much more pleasant mindset.

How do you achieve such a thing?  That’s where it gets difficult, and in a way easy.  Every person must search out something that excites them, something that they so eagerly want to do they can’t imagine doing anything else.  Then, you have to figure out how to make money doing it.  What is that old saying?  If you do something you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.  So, go do something you love, and start proclaiming Thank God it’s Monday.

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